The Olympic Museum

The video clip below shows a taster of the film and interactive content created for The Olympic Museum. The exhibits I produced include the following:

“The Flame is Yours” is a unique use of AV in a spiral art installation, featuring footage and motion graphics projected onto suspended silicone rods surrounding a ramp walkway at the entrance of the museum. (00:08)

“Opening Ceremonies” is a 12 metres wide immersive film installation celebrating the greatest moments of the opening ceremonies from across the world with accompanying dramatic sound design. (03:38)

A projected interactive newspaper allows visitors to learn of the influences on Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin at the time of its creation. It uses a physical blank newspaper triggered by gesture tech to then project animated scenes onto it and appearing to magically bringing it to life. (01:48)

I also produced various other interactive exhibits including a multi-user game allowing people to vote and learn about the rules of the games and also to learn about the origins behind the olympic rings and colours.

Exhibition Design: Mather & Co

Client: The Olympic Museum
Date: November 22, 2017
Service: Creative + Development + Post Production