Battle of Bosworth

I was the lead producer on this project working with exhibition designers Studio MB to produce all the AV and interactive digital media for the King Richard III Visitor Centre, which opened in July 2014.

The Centre takes visitors on a journey through Richard III’s life starting with ‘Young Warrior Arches’, a film of projected characters involved in the Kings upbringing.  A large scale dramatic film also depicts the Battle of Bosworth and Richard III’s final moments, all filmed from re-enactment scenes. The battle film is projected at a large-scale in the gallery on huge sheets of aluminium and is accompanied by a dramatic surround sound audio scape to completely immerse the visitors in the battle.

The demanding shoot involved filming over 30 extras and 12 horses against a huge green screen. The cast were selected due to their specialist weaponry and jousting skills and travelled from far and wide to be part of this prestigious film installation based at the site of the King’s burial.

Client: Studio MB + Leicester City Council
Date: November 11, 2017
Service: Creative + Shoot + Post Production