St Paul’s Cathedral

“Oculus: An Eye Into St Paul’s” is an immersive film experience using 15 HD projectors to seamlessly create a 30 metre wide projection onto the vaulted walls of the crypt in the Cathedral. The film is a permanent installation and celebrates the Cathedral as a beacon of hope throughout its 1400 years of history. It uses graphically treated archive material and historical reconstructed sequences to tell it’s story.

My role in this film was then main client liaison with the Cathedral as well as managing the creative production of the film. This included organising studio shoots on the RED to film stone masons, carpenters, and Sir Christopher Wren – in addition to planning a set build of the Cathedral’s first interior in 640AD.

I also negotiated access to re-scan many rare and valuable images and paintings. This enabled us to work with them at a huge scale in After Effects and to create animated layers within them to completely immerse the visitor. This treatment of archive material helped bring the Cathedral’s rich history to life in a way that had never been done before.

The video clip below gives a taster of the film in-situ although to experience it properly I would highly recommend a visit to the Cathedral itself.

The installation won the coveted “Design Week” award for exhibition design.

Design Agency: Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Director: Dave Postlethwaite / Richard Oliver @ Centre Screen Productions

Client: St Paul's Cathedral + RAA
Date: November 13, 2017
Service: Creative + Shoot + Post Production