Chivas Regal + Bremont

This¬†online video forms part of the “Made For Gentleman” campaign for Chivas Regal to celebrate its partnership with the Bremont watch company.

Bremont, just like Chivas, was founded by two passionate brothers and so we felt it was nice idea to get some insights into why they decided to set up a watch company.

The film was a very quick turnaround project and the concept was based on a fairly simple execution but still with a premium feel. Unfortunately Giles fell ill on the day of the shoot but due to the concept we still filmed Nick and managed to line up the props in the shoot on another day and seamlessly edit them together – the challenges of production!

See how they reply when their brother is not watching…

Client: Chivas Regal | Bremont
Date: November 10, 2015
Service: Creative + Shoot + Post Production